These are various images of Hillcrest Park Apartments, including pictures from afar.

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Around the Grounds

Hillcrest Park Waukesha 01Hillcrest Park Waukesha 02Hillcrest Park Waukesha 03Hillcrest Park Wauesha 04Hillcrest Park Waukesha 05

Hillcrest Park Waukesha 06Hillcrest Park Waukesha 07Hillcrest Park Waukesha 08Hillcrest Park Waukesha 09Hillcrest Park Waukesha 10

Shepherd Court and Nike Drive, Waukesha WIShepherd Court looking toward E. Main SteetHillcrest Park Apts - looking down Shepherd CourtHillcrest Apartments Building_3Hillcrest Park_Shepherd CourtHillcrest Park Apartments






Thank you for taking the Hillcrest property tour.  If you are interested in viewing any of our 1 or 2 bedroom rentals or have any further questions, please contact us:

Hillcrest Park Apartments
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Waukesha, WI 53186
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